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Storytelling for change: ShoutOUT delivers real insights into the lives of post-1991 veterans and t

Nine months ago, the team at SRB, in conjunction with strategic partners Manbrands, embarked on a journey to discover the transition challenges faced by post-1991 veterans and their families. In parallel, this study has delivered valuable insights into the effectiveness of the various programs run by Government and Ex-service Organisations.

This problem has been examined many times before without delivering any real cut though in terms of strategy and policy. Thankfully our sponsors at Melbourne Legacy provided us the latitude to trial a new approach.

Design Thinking combined with an agile project methodology formed the cornerstone on which this innovative project was built.

Our mantra, keep it simple and be adaptive, allowed us to identified tactics that delivered the deep engagement required for the Empathise and Prototyping stages of the Design Thinking process.

Inspired by projects such as Humans of New York (HONY) and, the ShoutOUT brand was crafted as a vehicle to harvest a grassroots perspective on the lives and experiences of post-1991 veterans and their families.

In this short period of time we’ve gained insights that have offered solutions with immediate impact on service delivery. Our discoveries, many being issues hiding in plain sight, are set to influence services and policy makers for years to come.

Above all we have learnt that stories of the past are the key to unlocking a brighter future.


We are immensely appreciative and grateful to the veteran community for their enthusiasm and support of the ShoutOUT campaign. To read their stories and understand their challenges please visit

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