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Transforming IT from Shaddow Boxer to Strategic Partner

TACT Consulting, November 2016

The following link connects to a story relating to the Transforming IT Executive Briefing held on the 19th of October 2016. IT was excellent morning with insightful contributions from all who attended. The key presenters were Mark Schröffel (Schroffel Consulting), Carl Duckinson (CIO of Aurecon and Non-executive Director of TACT Consulting), and Nikki Scott (CEO of the Digital Project).

It's standing room only in the C-Suit

ANZ Bank's Blue Notes, July 2016

Mark Schroffel contributes to the discussion on the proliferation of C-level titles.

Forever Young: How to keep an old business moving

March 1015

Mark Schroffel talks to Smart Company on the importance of aligning a company’s culture with its strategic objectives.

Leaders wanted as project management gets a promotion

Australian Financial Review, October 2013

An in-depth interview with Mark Schroffel on role of leaderships and good governance for successful projects and strategy implementation.

Ready, aim, fire: soldiers in business

AFR Weekend, August 2012

Former Army Officers, including our own Mark Schroffel, discuss leadership qualities and skills ex-defence force people bring to their civilian employment.

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