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Three mega-trends – technology, globalisation and a burgeoning global middle class – are not only a preoccupation for public policy makers, but also for CEOs and tech leaders

A six-foot tall poster highlights the entrance of Terminal 3’s bookstore. Promoting a must-read inspirational called the Naked CEO, its caption shouts out...

Strategic planning can’t be about belief; it needs to be about clarity of purpose and accomplishments, fashioned from sharp uncompromising analysis.

The Law of Unintended Consequences says that intervention in one part of a complex system always causes unanticipated outcomes in another.

I've spent considerable time working in change and leadership roles across many industries, but I always look back on my time in the Army with great fondness, for lessons on leadership and how to work with people. 

One of the things that is instilled into every junior leader in the Army is that...

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